Foot care in Orlando

Foot Care in Orlando

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Many people are not aware of the innovations that we at Laser Foot Surgery Specialist are able to put to use for our valued patients. In addition to laser surgery, we also offer minimally invasive surgery, shock wave treatment, and custom orthotics. So whether medical or surgical, you can be certain that we have the solutions that lead to pain relief, and healthy feet in every way.

At the end of the treatment spectrum where no surgery is necessary, our foot care in Orlando has custom orthotics. These shoe inserts are like the ones you would buy at your local drug store, except that they are fashioned to fit only you and to address your specific needs. The goal is always to get the desired outcome for you with the least amount of fuss and as quickly as can be managed. Our custom orthotics are made from molds taken of your feet, and can be put into use for remedying such issues as bunions, flexible hammertoes, and heel pain. Speaking of heel pain, we really show our technical side with EPAT, a revolutionary shock wave therapy that is safe and effective. You can be assured by the fact that it has been FDA approved. Laser surgery makes for precise and accurate results from our foot care in Orlando, without disrupting surrounding tissue. There is little to no discomfort, and healing is rapid. Fungal nails, wart removal, ingrown toenails, and pinched nerves are just a few of the applications. And even more traditional surgery is state-of-the-art, done in minimally invasive fashion, requiring just a single stitch. Bunions, calluses, hammertoes, soft corns, thick toenails, heel pain, and more can be treated with it.

Schedule an appointment for an examination by reaching out right now. Our foot care in Orlando is your key to restoring optimal wellness to your feet.

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