Foot Doctor in Winter Park

Foot Doctor in Winter Park

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Consultations in Winter Park

That familiar, nagging little pain in your ankle hasn’t gone away. And you’re starting to worry that it’s bound and determined to stick around for the long-haul. Sounds like it’s time to take the fight back to it. Take some time out of your schedule and visit Laser Foot Surgery Specialist and meet with our first-rate foot doctor in Winter Park.

Vigorous activity got you in rough shape? Maybe you even heard the dreaded pop that follows when you land awkwardly. And then there’s the swelling. If you’re struggling with an ankle sprain, it’s important to not treat it lightly. Of course, outside of seeing a professional about it, there’s plenty to be done to keep the injury under control and get that ankle back in tip-top condition. What can one do? Simple, it just involves a bit of RICE. No, not the grain kind. It’s the type that involves multiple, concerted steps. You know, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). See? The first step involves just staying off your feet as often as possible. Doing so puts less strain on the injured area, allowing it to properly heal. Ice and compression serve the purpose of lowering the inflammation, so you won’t walk around with an ankle the size of a golf ball. Elevation further contributes by making sure the blood isn’t pumping directly to the affected area. Just make sure to keep the leg elevated above heart level and it should be fine. Head over to Laser Foot Surgery Specialist soon for a consultation and/or an evaluation from our foot doctor in Winter Park.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now all you have to do is take that pivotal step. One that surprisingly involves nothing more than a simple phone call or e-mail to our offices at Laser Foot Surgery Specialist then schedule an appointment with our foot doctor in Winter Park.

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