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Orlando Bunion Treatment

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Bunion removal in Orlando

Orlando bunion treatment
Orlando bunion treatment

A bunion is a bulging bump that forms on the joint on your big toe causing your big toe to enlarge and stick out. Aside from the bump on the big toe, bunion symptoms can include: swelling, redness, soreness, calluses or corns, pain, restricted movement of the big toe and difficulty finding shoes that fit because of the bunion. If you’re dealing with any of these symptoms, you should see a highly skilled podiatrist for Orlando bunion treatment.

There is a wide range of possible Orlando bunion treatment options. The type of treatment you’ll receive will depend on the cause and severity of your condition. If your bunion isn’t causing you persistent pain, the doctor will typically try non-invasive, non-surgical procedures to treat it. Some of these treatments could include: changing to shoes that fit you better, pads, splints, and shoe inserts. However, there are some cases in which the bunion might require surgery. For the best possible care, it’s best to see a highly qualified doctor who specializes in foot disorders like our expert at Laser Foot Surgery Specialist. Our doctor is a highly trained, experienced professional who is fully equipped to perform bunion surgery if he determines you need it. If you should need to have your bunion surgically removed, this minimally invasive procedure can be done in the comfort of our office which is a warm and friendly environment. Our expert podiatrist can help you with much more than providing you with the bunion treatment you need. In addition to bunion treatment, other common services at our practice include the diagnosis and medical and/or surgical treatment of: hammertoes, ankle pain, heel spurs, flat feet, neuromas, and tarsal tunnel. No matter what podiatric service you need, you can rest assured that you will be treated by a highly skilled, compassionate podiatrist who truly cares about you.

Your Orlando bunion treatment is just a phone call away. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our expert podiatrist. Our friendly staff members are looking forward to your call.

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