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Orlando Callus Treatment

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Diagnosing and Treating Calluses in Orlando

Orlando Callus Treatment
Orlando Callus Treatment

When you have one or more calluses that are causing you problems, we at the office of Laser Foot Surgery Specialist are the experts to offer the necessary help with diagnosis and treatment.

Calluses are the result of excessive pressure or friction, often between your shoe and your foot. It’s actually your body’s defense against damage. It builds up a hardened piece of skin to act as a shield. If you’re not familiar, there is a difference between a callus and a corn, although they are essentially caused by the same kind of problems. A callus is usually gray or yellow in color. It’s hard, dry, and thick. By contrast, a corn is gray in the middle, with a yellow ring around it, with the ring being soft. Other corns resemble open sores. The most common parts of the foot for a callus to appear are on the ball or heel. You might feel as if you have a pebble or another foreign object in your shoe even though you, of course, do not. Our Orlando callus treatment begins with a visit to our office where you will get a thorough examination by our foot doctor. The way that the situation will be handled will depend on several factors, including if you are experiencing any pain, and if so how bad that pain is. You may be able to simply soak in warm water or use some kind of protective padding, such as with a shoe orthotic. However, it is also possible that our Orlando callus treatment will require removal of it. If so, be assured that you are in the best hands possible. The procedure is performed at our office, and there is no hospital stay required.

When you need our Orlando callus treatment, be sure to contact us right away so that you can get the attentive care that is required.

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