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Winter Park Podiatrist

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Podiatrist in Winter Park

Your foot health is integral to so much of what you do. If you cannot walk without discomfort or pain, it makes getting anywhere difficult if not impossible. And in some cases, you might find that getting past the usual simple task of putting on socks and shoes becomes a near insurmountable chore. At Laser Foot Surgery Specialist, we are dedicated to providing modern, comfortable, personalized care, which includes minimally invasive and laser procedures. We give you the benefits of technology in a friendly environment.

The key to identifying and implementing the most appropriate treatment to get you quick and effective results is accurate diagnosis. And our Winter Park podiatrist will conduct a thorough examination, using imaging as necessary to reach a definitive conclusion. It’s essential to not only know what the problem is, but the severity of it. That’s because some conditions, like heel pain, can be handled in a non-invasive manner, such as with our custom orthotics. These shoe inserts are made specifically to fit you and to correct the condition you’re suffering with. They do so by either transferring your weight off of a certain joint or part of your foot, or by offering cushioning that your shoes are not providing. In other cases, we use state-of-the-art solutions, among which is laser surgery and EPAT shock wave treatment. Our Winter Park podiatrist addresses such varied issues as ingrown or thick toenails and Morton’s Neuroma. And when you do need surgery, it can usually be done right here in our office, on an outpatient basis. There are no hospital stays required.

Our Winter Park podiatrist is fully committed to your foot care needs. Simply reach out to our office and we will set up a convenient time for you to come in for an examination, evaluation, and the applicable treatment.

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